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The world faces critical interrelated problems. Addressing these problems, the United Nations has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Responding to the world’s sustainability challenges, Soro International’s Design Team ( will partner with university and institute affiliates to build eco-villages that combine nature and learning, hospitality and beneficial impact investment.

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The Seaside Village will be located within Tortuga at the Twin Waters Reserve. The project contains a120 acre site with 4 miles (6 kilometers) of tropical Pacific Ocean beachfront and exotic Marabasco riverfront. The master plan consists of beach and riverfront residences, a hotel, river docks, coastal learning center, sea turtle and mangrove sanctuary and remarkable riverboat access from the Playa del Oro International Airport. 

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The Countryside Village will be located within Piedra at the Oaks Reserve, a 1000 acre forested countryside property situated in the rolling hills between UNESCO World Heritage Cities San Miguel de Allende (Conde Nast’s multiple winner of “Best City in the World to Live”) and Guanajuato Capital, both charming 16th century colonial cities. The master plan consists of miles of hiking and mountain biking paths, hotel, residences (with a variety of styles from village lofts to haciendas), forest-learning and symposium center, reforestation camp and lake. 

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Soro International is a land development, architecture and design company. Its co-founders Carlene Nelson Gutierrez and Rosendo Carlos Gutierrez have amassed beautiful, expansive and biodiverse lands. Their backgrounds also include over 25 years ownership in the award-winning architectural firm Gutierrez+Crockett located in Beverly Hills, California and the marketing and sale of over five hundred million in real estate sales for the marketing firm ENA whose clients included various banks and the United States Government's FDIC. 


Like the global viruses we face presently and will face in the future, intelligent design in systems, spatial consideration, materials, technologies and cross-discipline problem solving will offer solutions that mitigate many challenges of the future. 


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